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Larsen & Toubro is a USD 16 billion technology, engineering, construction, projects, manufacturing and financial services conglomerate, with global operations. It addresses critical needs in key sectors – infrastructure, construction, defence, hydrocarbon, heavy engineering, power, ship-building, aerospace, electrical & automation, mining and metallurgy.

L&T’s integrated capabilities span the spectrum of ‘design to deliver’ solutions. Over seven decades of a strong, customer-focused approach and a sharp focus on world-class quality have enabled it to maintain a leadership position in its major lines of business.

The Company has manufacturing facilities and offices in several countries, and a global supply chain. It delivers landmark projects and products, helping clients in 30 countries to create long-term progress and economic growth.

Characterised by professionalism, high standards of corporate governance and sustainability, L&T continues to evolve, seeking better ways of engineering to meet emerging challenges.


  • Airports in India and the Middle East
  • Metro rail systems for Riyadh, Qatar and major Indian cities
  • Large infrastructure projects, including bridges and highways in Jordan, Malaysia, etc.
  • Technological contribution to key missions: India’s first nuclear-powered submarine and maiden missions to the moon and Mars
  • Hydrocarbon projects in the Middle East, Africa, S.E.Asia and India
  • The world’s longest heated and insulated oil pipeline
  • The world’s largest coal gasifier, exported to China
  • The world’s biggest ethylene oxide reactor for a petrochemical complex in the Middle East
  • Currently building the world’s largest high-vacuum pressure chamber, the cryostat, for ITER
  • Critical contribution to India’s aerospace sector
  • Continuing support to smart cities in India
  • Shipyards on the west and east coast of India
  • One of Asia’s largest nuclear-grade forging facilities
  • A wide range of switchgear

Mr. A. M. Naik

Mr. A. M. Naik, L&T’s Group Executive Chairman, was awarded a D. Litt Degree from the VNSG University, Gujarat, in February 2016 for his sterling service to nation and society.

Every year, L&T and its people receive a number of national and international awards that acknowledge its varied accomplishments. Presented by the media, industry associations, independent bodies and academia, they honour the Company's contribution in various spheres of business, technology, financial performance, growth and environmental protection.

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