L&T is one of the first few organisations in India to voluntarily set sustainability targets aligned with the Company’s Business Plan, Lakshya. During the year, the Company’s 5-year Strategic Plan was developed through a collaborative and consultative process across the organisation. As part of the Lakshya 2026 plan, the Group has re-evaluated shareholder value creation, defined social obligations, and framed sustainability goals.

This year, we have integrated our statutory and non-statutory disclosures (Annual Report and Integrated Report) and published our first Business Responsibility and Sustainability Report (BRSR). The Integrated Report is based on the International Integrated Reporting Framework (IIRC) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. The report demonstrates the interlinkage between the various capitals, i.e. Financial, Natural, Intellectual, Manufactured, Social and Relationship and Human capitals. It provides an insight into the organisation’s strategy, governance, social, environmental and economic context within which the company operates.

At L&T, we have been taking concerted efforts towards achieving resource efficiency and decarbonising our businesses. We are revisiting our vision, policies, frameworks, roadmaps and action plans to deliver solutions towards building a better future. L&T is investing and growing equitably to improve its sustainability performance. By embracing a digital future, robust risk management process, strong stakeholder dialogues, and connectivity of information, the Company continues to deliver products and services designed to create a better world.

Thrust Areas

Better Planet Better Planet
Carbon-neutral by 2040
Water-neutral by 2035
149 Mn kWh energy saved since 2008
35.3 Mn kWh renewable energy used
in our campuses and
project sites in FY22
46,539 Tonnes carbon emissions
avoided in FY22
48% of wastewater
recycled in FY22
Better Business Better Business
18% recycled & eco-friendly
material used in FY22
38.2% revenue from Green Business
4,498.4 Mn cumulative R&D
spend for last 3 years
21,510 Mn revenue in FY22
from new emerging business
started in last 3 years
Better Communities Better Communities
4.96 million manhours – safety training
1.13 million beneficiaries in health, education,
water & sanitation and
skill-building In FY22

For L&T’s latest Integrated Annual Report click here.