Thrust Areas

L&T is one of the first few organisations in India to voluntarily set Sustainability Targets aligned with the Company’s Business Plan - LAKSHYA 2021.
In FY 2018, we published our first Integrated Report, which was based on the International Integrated Reporting Framework.

L&T’s first Integrated Report demonstrated the relationship between the organisation’s strategy, governance and the social, environmental and economic context within which the Company operates.

We believe that Sustainability is all about imbibing informed, responsible and inclusive business practices. L&T views sustainability through the lens of its core values – consciously and continuously aligning its activities for the benefit of its stakeholders.

L&T is investing in reducing its carbon footprint and enabling its customers to follow a low carbon economy path with its Green Portfolio. In the year 2018-19, the revenue from our Green Portfolio was 22% of the overall sales at consolidated revenue. We also have a strong order book of the Green Portfolio to ensure sustained revenue from the portfolio in future.

By embracing a digital future, robust risk management process, strong stakeholder dialogues, and connectivity of information, we continue to deliver products and services designed to create a better world for everyone.

Track Record

  • 2,400+ Million Litres of rain water harvested
    annually through the water
    harvesting structures we
    have created for society
  • 24 water positive campus and
    2 carbon neutral campuses
  • 22% of revenue from Green
    products and services
  • 6700 Tons of metal recycled and
    reused in various operations
  • 367,923 Tons of flyash used
  • 22000+ suppliers have signed
    our combined code
    of conduct