L&T’s Heavy Engineering business custom-designs, fabricates and integrates engineered-to-order critical equipment and piping solutions for core sector process plant, power plant and nuclear industries. Its strengths include in-house design & engineering, state-of-the-art fabrication facilities, R&D centres, experienced project teams and a safe work culture.

The business has been at the forefront of introducing new processes, products and materials into the manufacturing sector. All of the equipment is manufactured under stringent schedules and conforms to international standards of safety and quality.

Manufacturing & Fabrication Facilities

Hazira Manufacturing Complex, Surat

This globally-benchmarked, state-of-the-art, fully-integrated manufacturing facility has mega construction capabilities and captive ‘Load-on’ and ‘RO-RO’ jetties. The facility has delivered some of the most complex equipment for global customers, and provided PHWR steam generators, end shields and fast breeder reactor vessels for Indian nuclear power plants. It has a track record of executing large, complex projects that have set global benchmarks such as the world’s largest ethylene oxide reactor, the biggest coke drum, the largest coal gasifier and many more.

Powai, Mumbai

L&T’s nodal complex was the first manufacturing plant of L&T Heavy Engineering, with the track record of manufacturing heat-transfer equipment and aerospace motor segments that have set industry benchmarks.

Vadodara Heavy Engineering Works

This specialised facility manufactures equipment and internal assemblies for process plant industries using exotic materials like titanium, stainless & high alloy steels, and composites.


  • The world’s heaviest tubular reactor - 1500 MT
  • The world’s single largest order for equipment worth USD 421 Mn


The world’s biggest multi-wall ammonia converter - 660 MT


The world’s largest coal gasifier – 1750 MT

Abu Dhabi:

A set of 23 solid Titanium heat exchangers, involving drilling of tube-sheets over 300 mm thick to extremely stringent tolerances and finish more stringent than TEMA’s global standards

Saudi Arabia:

A complex bi-metallic urea stripper


First Company in India to export nuclear spent fuel equipment to USA


Delivered 50% of the total segments of ITER fusion reactor cryostat at Cadarache, France. The site work has also started.


  • The world’s largest coke drums – 3 x 630 MT each
  • The world’s largest FCC regenerators – 1320 MT x 16.3 m dia.
  • First of its kind titanium-clad reactors – 3 deliveries
  • Delivered the first 700 MWe nuclear steam generators in India

Major Orders Executed in 2016-17

  • ARDS Reactors and FCC Reactor Regenerator Package for the RAPID project of Petronas, Malaysia
  • K-COT Converter Unit for Lotte Chemicals, Malaysia
  • HP Heat Exchanger package for KNPC, Kuwait
  • Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd
  • High-pressure piping for Greensville Power Project, Virginia, USA

The business forayed into international markets in the power sector with orders from GE and MHPS for supercritical thermal power projects.

The outlook is optimistic, with major opportunities in South East Asia, MENA and domestic markets. The Govt. of India has approved Fleet procurement (10 x 700MWe PHWR) by NPCIL.

Significant Initiatives

The business has drawn up its Strategic Plan for 2017-2021, focusing on profitable growth. It continues to invest in organisational excellence and sustainability initiatives like RCA & CAPA, Six Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance, Knowledge Management, EHS and CSR. People-centric initiatives such as Career Planning & Mentoring, Competency Build-up, Talent and Leadership Development remain vital to the business. Digitalization is a focus area for quality and productivity improvement.


This JV of L&T and NPCIL has a fully-integrated manufacturing facility at Hazira, near Surat, to produce ingots and finished forgings for critical equipment in the nuclear power and hydrocarbon industries, rotors in the power industry, rolls in steel plants and other heavy forgings for general engineering applications. With an annual capacity of 40000 MT of finished forgings, the JV is a major strategic step towards an conomical and sustainable alternative to the import of heavy forgings.

Track Record

Since its inception in 2012, this facility has produced most of the critical heavy forgings for steam generators, pressuriser and bleed condenser required for an Indian 700 MW PHWR nuclear power plant. It also produced the heavy and high thickness stainless steel forgings for the ITER project. It has supplied shells, tube sheets and other heavy forgings for refineries, petrochemicals and fertiliser plants. Alloy steel and carbon steel ingots are supplied to Indian forge-masters..


This joint venture of The Zubair Corporation and L&T, at Sohar in the Sultanate of Oman, manufactures critical high-technology equipment for refineries, petrochemicals, fertiliser projects and other process industries worldwide with a focus on the GCC countries. It supplements L&T’s India-based fabrication facilities and assists L&T in revamping and upgrade of refinery projects in the region.