Heavy Civil

L&T's construction expertise has been offered for the elevated and underground sections of Chennai Metro including ballastless track work and a massive depot. The Company has been engaged in creating robust portals of connectivity for mass rapid transit systems in most of India’s major cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru - and soon in Kochi and Lucknow.

The Heavy Civil Infrastructure business vertical of L&T Construction undertakes design, engineering and construction of projects in several segments that are crucial to the economy: metros, nuclear, hydel, ports, special bridges, tunnels and defence.

The business is a total infrastructure solutions provider, not just in India, but overseas as well. It has in-house design strengths and unique construction methodology cells which enable it to serve its customers by providing concept-to-commissioning solutions.


The business designs and constructs above-ground corridors, piers and complex superstructures, including underground corridors using sophisticated tunneling techniques. It ventured into metro rail construction in 2001 with the prestigious Delhi Metro project. Since then, L&T has emerged as the leading builder of metro systems in the country, executing as many as 17 ongoing projects – including the Hyderabad Metro, which is the world’s largest in the PPP mode. In addition, L&T is involved in building major portions of the Riyadh and Doha Metros.

Areas of expertise:

  • Elevated viaduct construction using segmental, U-trough and I-girder methods
  • Underground tunnel construction using NATM, cut and cover and TBM methods
  • Underground station construction using top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • Elevated metro station and balanced cantilever constructions


L&T works closely with the country’s defence establishments. The business offers a range of Engineer-Procure-Construct services for defence installations. Specialised hybrid technology has been developed to meet the specific needs of this sector.

Nuclear Power:

Ever since the inception of India’s nuclear power programme, L&T has played a critical role in this crucial sector by constructing the majority of the country’s nuclear power plants. The business has developed expertise in both technologies – Pressurised Heavy Water (PHW) and Light Water (LWR).

Areas of expertise:

  • Civil construction and erection of nuclear containment structures (reactor buildings), control buildings, auxiliary buildings and other associated structures
  • Erection and pre-commissioning of critical nuclear components, nuclear piping and turbine generators
  • Mechanical works, piping systems and associated detailed engineering, procurement and a slew of other specialised and related functions
  • Design, consultancy including seismic qualification, procurement and construction services for pump houses, cooling towers, head-end facilities
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction works for electrical and instrumentation projects

Special Bridges:

L&T has built some of the finest bridges across challenging terrains, incorporating design features that are among the most complex of their kind. The Company has pioneered several new technologies for the construction of bridges such as incremental launching, segmental construction, cable stay, precast, prestressed concrete, steel and concrete composite construction. Apart from a pan- India projects scape, the business has executed several projects in Malaysia, Dubai, Oman and Jordan.

Hydroelectric Power Plants:

L&T’s hydroelectric business offers a comprehensive ‘Water to Wire’ range of services that facilitates the execution of hydroelectric power projects on an Engineer-Procure-Construct basis on tough mountainous terrain.

Areas of expertise:

  • Diversion weirs, barrages, concrete / earthen / rockfill dams, including roller-compacted concrete dams
  • Underground tunnels of various geometry (both concrete lined and steel lined), pressure shafts, surge and de-silting chambers
  • Large underground power houses and surface power houses
  • Hydro-mechanical components such as gates, penstocks, etc., including erection of electro-mechanical equipment


L&T has designed and executed docks, container terminals, ports, harbours, jetties, berths, breakwaters and shipyards.

L&T Geostructure:

This business offers specialised solutions pertaining to foundation and ground improvement activities. These include piling, embedded retaining structures, marine and river-front development, micro-tunneling, soil investigation and anchors.

Marquee Projects Commissioned:

  • Chennai Elevated Metro
  • Delhi – Badarpur to Faridabad Metro Corridor
  • Hyderabad Metro Stage 2

New Orders:

Special Bridges

  • The New Ganga Bridge in Patna is in the process of being executed through a joint venture with M/s Daewoo. Once constructed, it will be the longest extradosed bridge in India
  • The contract for the construction of the Rupsha Bridge in Khulna, Bangladesh
  • Commissioned India’s first 1000 MWe nuclear power plant
  • 8080 MW of reactor containment structures
  • 243 km of metro (including ongoing projects)
  • 8315 MW of clean and green power
  • 90 km of tunneling in difficult Himalayan terrain
  • 12 dams / barrages / weirs
  • LPG underground storage cavern 200 m below ground level – one of the largest of its kind, and the first of its kind in South Asia