L&T's Electrical & Automation business offers a wide range of products and systems for the distribution, regulation and control of electricity, along with metering products, and is an industry major in system integration. Sectors served include industry, utility, building, infrastructure and agriculture.

Key Offerings

  • LV and MV Electrical Systems
  • Marine Switchgear
  • Industrial & Building Automation Solutions
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Metering Solutions
  • Software Solutions


New Applications for Intellectual
Property Rights (IPR)

    FY 17-18
  • 76 Patents
  • 1 Trademark
  • 32 Designs

International Revenue

  • 28% of Total Revenue

Major Projects

    FY 17-18
  • Q-Rail Over 2000 Panels
    37 Stations in Qatar
  • STOMS Integration of 200
    Substations (132 kV & Above),


  • 12 Manufacturing
    (6 in India, 6 overseas)
  • 6 Switchgear Training

Track Record

FY 17-18

Number of Units Manufactured

  • 75 lakh 1-phase and 3-phase Meters
  • 185 lakh MCBs

Number of Projects

  • 110 Building Projects
  • 17 Railway Projects

Subsidiaries and Associates

  • Tamco Switchgear (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd,

    a wholly-owned L&T subsidiary, manufactures MV and LV switchgear.
  • PT. Tamco Indonesia

    offers total solutions for electrical distribution and control.
  • Tamco Australia

    is the marketing and service support centre for LV and MV solutions.
  • Henikwon Corporation Sdn Bhd,

    manufactures LV and MV busducts in Malaysia.
  • L&T Electrical & Automation FZE

    is the international competency centre of L&T’s automation business.
  • Kana Controls

    offers instrumentation and instrumentation control automation contracting services to clients in Kuwait.
  • L&T Electrical & Automation Saudi Arabia Company Limited,

    a wholly-owned subsidiary, offers switchgear and automation solutions to Saudi Arabian majors.
  • Servowatch System Ltd.,

    a UK-based company, is a leading supplier of advanced and innovative integrated ship control systems.

Key Geographies

Manufacturing Facilities